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Sunita Yogesh


Sunita Yogesh Studio is a full-service interior design firm based out of Chennai, creating beautiful spaces by assisting clients with a wide range of challenges including, selection of interior details and finishes, and creating bespoke pieces of furniture, furnishings, decor.

As the creative head at Sunita Yogesh Studio, Sunita has garnered clients and followers from around the country. She adds a bit of modern eclectic touch in all of her projects, but loves a good design challenge and opportunities to show off her ever - evolving style. No matter what the style she is asked to create by her clients, each space designed by Sunita feels cozy, unique with a lot of character.

Today Sunita Yogesh Studio provides designs for everything from small scale residences to large commercial projects. Sunita and her team work with architects and contractors to bring the distinct visions seen in her work to life. Bright light filled rooms, a bit of black and white, playing with different textiles, natural woven elements, earthy textures, with a lot of juxtaposition are the elements that define and can always distinguish a Sunita Yogesh Studio designed home.

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